Churchview Farm

A third generation sustainable family farmette in Pittsburgh, PA


Please note: Churchview is a learning farm and an event space, but is also a private residence. This is where we teach, learn, host, and live (it’s busy, and also our home) so we aren’t able to accept drop-in visitors. We’re happy to show you the farm by appointment only. Please email us to schedule a time to stop by and we’d love to show you our space.



In the late 1930s Emil and Hilda Rockacy purchased thirteen acres of land in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They built the existing farmhouse and fed their family with the produce they grew and preserved, and the meat and dairy from the animals they raised, using all-natural growing methods.

In 2007 Tara Rockacy moved to the farm and began the process of restoring it to a working piece of land. Respecting tradition and the ecosystem of the farm, she continues to raise food without the use of chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides. Churchview Farm employs sustainable agricultural practices and respects all aspects of the farm by nurturing the soil, treating the animals humanely, and complimenting the natural ecosystem.

Meet the Farmer

photo by Laura Petrilla

photo by Laura Petrilla

Tara is the owner and visionary of Churchview Farm, an organic farmette just south of Pittsburgh. In 2009 she reestablished the third-generation family farm and began offering a modest Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  Today, in addition to yielding bountiful annual fruit and berry harvests and more than 250 varieties of heirloom produce, Churchview is home to pasture-raised laying hens, ducks, guinea hens, dairy goats and an apiary offering seasonal raw honey. With each season the farm sees an increase in crops, animals, workers, events, and visitors.

Tara emphasizes an open door policy at Churchview which allows volunteers, CSA workshares and interns to take part in the farm’s activities. Through a partnership with Chatham University's Food Studies and School of Sustainability, Churchview welcomes an annual crop of graduate student interns whom Tara mentors. Churchview’s education and community outreach programs also include tours for schools and scout troops, backyard gardening classes at Phipp’s Garden Center, the edible art project Digital Salad, on-site workshops for children and families, and public events such as the popular farm dinner series, happy hour series, and many other educational and culinary events throughout the season.

Tara maintains affiliations within the farming and food community including memberships to PASA, PA Women's Ag Network, and Slow Food USA.

photo by laura heberton

photo by laura heberton

background photos by Heather Mull