Churchview Farm

A third generation sustainable family farmette in Pittsburgh, PA

Churchview is lucky and grateful to have a dedicated staff working year-round to give Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas access to delicious, sustainable, healthy food and provide an environment on the farm that is welcoming, educational, and engaging. In addition to our awesome team of volunteers, interns and workshares, this is who keeps the farm going:

Tara Rockacy, owner and bossy-boss. Farmer, educator, queen bee. Lover of Muck farm boots and other expensive (significantly less practical) shoes.

Kim Fox, all-around superstar and second in command. Kim keeps everything in order and running smoothly at Churchview, from the books to the bee hives. She coordinates and organizes our farm dinner series, private events, and will even occasionally kill a rat when asked. Her son, Whistle, is also our Chief Walnut Collector and Chicken Wrangler. When she's not slaving at the farm Kim is artist and printmaker workerbird, working in collage, block printing and screenprinting. From her beautiful handmade tin signs, flowers & table setting design, and custom-printed place cards for farm dinner guests, you'll find evidence of her art and aesthetic all over Churchview. We couldn't do it without Kim. And even if we could, it certainly wouldn't look as lovely.

Valerie Testa was first introduced to Churchview as a workshare and joined our team in 2014 as harvest & market manager. She leads and organizes our crew of volunteers, interns and workshares, making sure all that delicious food going to our restaurants and farm dinners is the best that it can be. When Val came to Churchview she brought with her years of experience and leadership spearheading community garden projects in Polish Hill and around the city. And when she isn't harvesting goodies, she's chairing the Penn State Master Gardener's Edible Teaching Garden in Point Breeze. Churchview is lucky to have this knowledgable lady.

Francis Cheesebear (Fran) is our beloved Bernese Mountain Dog/Border Collie mix. Chaser of fox and deer (and chickens.... we're still working on that). She is a guard dog in training, master of snuggling, eater of poop of all kinds. Fran makes life at Churchview happier, more lively, and slightly furrier.

background photos by Heather Mull