Churchview Farm

A third generation sustainable family farmette in Pittsburgh, PA

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Churchview could not exist without our amazing force of volunteers and workshares; their passion, dedication and labor is what keeps us going. And a big part of our mission is to bring the community to the farm - so come spend a few hours of your time working with us in the fresh air and sunshine and take home some delicious, healthy food, a unique learning experience, and satisfyingly sore muscles.

If you're looking for a more regular experience, ask about becoming a workshare for 2015. Workshares commit to 5-6 hours on the farm once a week during the CSA season in exchange for a full share ($650 value). Some of our workshares have been with us since the beginning and we get new faces every season; we have a great crew of backyard gardeners, students, people with almost no growing experience, and retired farmers. Whether you come to learn or just spend some time getting sweaty in the sun, workshare is a great way to earn your food.

Our 2015 workshare program is full!

To join our volunteer email list, sign up using the link below. *PLEASE NOTE* we send our weekly volunteer list via MailChimp and are told that the emails often go to junk/promotion folders, particularly with gmail. check those folders for the emails. if you move them to your regular inbox once you shouldn't have an issue receiving them there regularly.

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background photos by Heather Mull